Friday, April 15, 2016: Being in Ottawa

Ottawa doesn’t have a reputation for great restaurant eating, but I’ve had some wonderful meals here. I flew in from Vancouver Thursday for a family visit and we went out to New Mee Fung, a plain Vietnamese restaurant in the capital city’s Chinatown.

The daily special was one of my carnivore delights – roast duck, in a curry coconut soup with yam, potato and eggplant with vermicelli rice noodles. Truly a meal in a bowl, for only $9.95. The soup was so rich and tasty I could have been satisfied just slurping it up alone. The rest of the dish was a bonus.

I’m looking forward to Shabbat morning services tomorrow at Ottawa’s Reconstructionist synagogue, Or Haneshamah. I hope I can say something about the chant evening I’m leading at the Jewish Community Centre on Monday. I’m also doing a chant workshop with a seniors group on Tuesday.

Did I bring spring weather from Vancouver? It was bright and relatively warm today, reaching 13C (56F) in the world’s second-coldest national capital after Ulan Bator, Mongolia. It’s expected to hit 20C (68F) by Sunday.

As you can see from the photo, there are still remnants of winter dotted around the city.

L69-041416-ottawa snow

The sun is melting the piles of crusty snow that remain in Ottawa.


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