Sunday, March 20, 2016: Being emotional

It was our first monthly community meeting onsite at Vancouver Cohousing. After four years of driving across town or travelling from as far away as Vernon and the Sunshine Coast to meet, we could simply stroll out of our new homes to the common house.

Before getting down to the business of the meeting, we spent a full hour checking in one by one on what is bringing us joy and calling for our patience as we settle in.

It was emotional for many of us, especially some of the parents whose kids can now so easily get together with other kids without all the organizing that usually involves. We heard vignettes of folks encountering friendly faces and fresh-baked scones in the courtyard, playing hilarious games of Pictionary in the common house, and the simple pleasures of watching children having fun.

What has called for patience includes excessive exterior lighting, noise from busy 33rd Avenue, massive amounts of cohousing email and the time it’s taking to unpack boxes and really get settled.

The business of the meeting included an explanation from the finance committee about the extent of construction cost overruns and our options for paying for them as shareholders in our development company.


Noah talks about our construction budget issues.

We broke into the teams we’re on for keeping our community running smoothly. We looked at who is on each team, when we’ll next meet and what our priorities are. I’m on the external relations team, focusing on our relationships with our neighbours and the wider world.


The external relations team sets our next team meeting.


While adults meet, kids hang out in their spacious common house playroom.




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