Tuesday, April 5, 2016: Did you miss me?

I’ve been focused on editing a 120,000-word report since Friday, but I did pause to put together a poster for an evening of sacred chanting I’ll be doing in Ottawa. I’m so grateful to Joel Yan in Ottawa for organizing it and asking Roslyn Wollock, Adult Education & Cultural Programs Manager at the Soloway Jewish Community Centre, to host the event. That’s very generous of the centre.

I’m looking forward to joining with Joel on guitar and perhaps other local musicians for the evening on Monday, April 18. Please share this information with folks in Ottawa and even Montreal who might be interested.

We did a similar evening in Ottawa two years ago and had a wonderful time. I wish I could be there more often.


Today also had a food focus. I took some time to prepare a good lunch in my carbon-steel wok on my new gas range. Just love cooking with gas. It was organic brocollette (cross between broccoli and gai lan), onion, Yves ground round (a soy product), garlic, ginger and a sauce with Chinese mushroom stir-fry sauce, Thai sweet chili sauce and Japanese shoyu in a stock from rehydrating dried shiitake mushrooms.

This evening, Darcy and Tara came over to discuss our menu for the community dinner we’ll be serving on Monday. It’s going to be an Indian feast and I’m taking on an eggplant dish, Baigan ka Bharta. I’ve basically never met an eggplant dish I didn’t love, so this should be fun.

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