Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016: First socks-free day in my Keens

I said I was taking a blogging break to pack, but I guess I’ve become compulsive. I just had to record this first rite of spring – wearing my Keen sandals without socks. It was a bright, sunny day with the temperature reaching 8C (46F), and forecast to hit double digits for the next week.

Through the winter, I wear black socks with my Keens. Socks with sandals are generally considered a serious fashion faux pas. “Hideous,” says a close family member. In last fall’s federal campaign, the Conservative government promised to establish a tip line for people to report “barbaric cultural practices” – racist code for such things as the Muslim niqab. Social media generated a slew of satirical examples, including white socks with sandals. I think the closed-toe Keens look great with or without.

Today’s instalment of “Lorne is losing it”

Yesterday, I made an appointment at what I thought was Carter Honda to change my winter tires – another harbinger of spring – and have them store them for me to free up space in my storage unit. This afternoon, I drove to the appointment. But they had no record I was coming. Seems I had gone to the wrong dealer, Destination Honda. Quickly I drove to nearby Carter Honda, but they too had no record of an appointment. But they were happy to do the job for me on the spot. While I waited, I checked my phone log – the real appointment was with yet another dealer, Vancouver Honda. Doh.

Oh, and Monday I turned up at the Jewish Community Centre to pick up my hamentashen (pastry for Purim)  a full month before the actual date.

Back to packing. I’ve hired someone to help me pack on Thursday. Could procrastination be just plain laziness?

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