Wednesday, March 16, 2016: Little things mean a lot

The aluminum front gate has closed with a great clang since we moved in. Because my home is near the entrance, it jars me every time. It especially rattles Nicole, since her bed in her unit is only a few feet away. There was some improvement once I sent a plea to members to close the gate gently and a small sign was placed there. But it was easy for people to forget to use their hand to close it.

Today a hydraulic closer was installed and, Halleluyah, the gate shuts quite quietly now. In the photo, I’m celebrating with Nicole and her sons Emiliano and Alejandro.

It’s a little thing, but it means a lot to the quiet enjoyment of our new homes. Much more noise than I ever experienced in Kerrisdale is the new normal, but I’m getting used to the sounds of children playing and cohousing neighbours laughing when they meet.

A little sunshine after days of rain also helped brighten our day. The mountains are amazing when we can see them.

Vancouverites’ collective amnesia is also amazing. We can have two weeks of rain, and then, once the sun comes out, we’re asking, “Rain? What rain? I don’t remember rain.”


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