Wednesday, March 9, 2016: Art makes a home

Today was a pleasure. I began putting some art up on the walls, including the masks, family portrait and kimono that you can see in the photo. Certainly not fine art, but they all have meaning for me. Like beauty, art is in the eye of the beholder. They give my place personality and character, helping to make it a home.

This morning I touched up the finish on a pine bookcase from Craigslist, so that tomorrow I can haul my books out of boxes and onto the shelves. Packing up for the move I selected about 50 books to donate to the Isaac Waldman Library at the Jewish Community Centre. But there are still plenty for a large and a small bookcase, with Japanese vases interspersed here and there.

I recently heard an interview on CBC Radio 1 with a man who had eliminated all his books and had gone totally digital. I have much fewer volumes than when I owned houses, but I still like to go to physical texts, as well as Dr. Google, for information and inspiration.

At midday I got a call from friends Charles and Sandra who were in the neighbourhood and dropped by to see my place and the complex. They’ve been hearing from me about the progress and challenges of Vancouver Cohousing for almost four years. I was proud to show them around.

I was delighted to find in my mail box my weekly Economist magazine and a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency (for my American friends, that’s our IRS) that they had recalculated my 2014 tax return and were refunding $411.29!


One thought to “Wednesday, March 9, 2016: Art makes a home”

  1. I am a painter, so my walls are covered in my paintings, many of my granddaughter. Whatever gives you peace is beauty.

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