Thursday, Dec. 31, 2015: Sitting is the new smoking

Last night a friend asked if I was aware I was posting in Public mode. This morning a family member questioned why I was chronicling my life on Facebook: “Does it have to be public? A) Facebook owns all of your content, B) privacy and C) security reasons.” I suggested I might post instead to my lapsed blog site, and then update my status on Facebook with a link to each post. Please help me navigate these new waters. Any advice? In the meantime, I’m posting now in Friends mode.

Two years ago, I gave myself a Hannukah gift – a treadmill desk. They say sitting is the new smoking and I was spending too much time sitting at the computer, especially when logging many hours of editing work. With the treadmill desk, I can walk slowly while working, and quickly watching the news or Netflix. It’s very effective for burning off calories. My weight tends to yo-yo. Last spring, I got down to a lean 175 pounds on my six-foot frame. The last several months I put weight on – generally late-night snacking, filling an emotional hole. Monday, Dec. 21, I was 194.2. This morning, I broke through to the 180s hitting 189.8. Tennis, racquetball and yoga, and eating less, also help.

As the construction liaison for my Vancouver Cohousing community, I spent time this afternoon at the building site photographing progress and getting an update from our project manager. Cohousing is a style of living, first started in Denmark, where people come together to develop and own their own homes while sharing considerable common space – in our case a 6,500 sq. ft. common house. Our community started with a public meeting at the WISE Hall in February 2012 and our 31-unit complex at 1733 E.33rd Ave. between Knight and Victoria Drive is scheduled for completion at the end of next month. All 29 owner-occupied units are sold; we’re accepting applications for two rental units at our website. Tonight a party with new friends. Blessings for a Happy New Year everyone.


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